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About us

Pet-Paks Superstore commenced trading on November 6th 1992.

The family owned business set out to achieve a professional and modern approach to pet retailing.

By 1997 the company, along with its dedicated staff was ready to redevelop its original 2,500 sq ft premises and by July of 1998 we had moved into a brand new 10,000sq ft modern complex.

The new building houses not only Pet-Paks, but also associate pet professionals ‘The Coral Cave Aquatic Centre’, ‘Cambridge Reptiles’ and ‘Snip-Pets Grooming Parlour’.

Also on site we have ‘Short Circuits Gym' 'Smart Floors’ and ‘Frankie's Snack Bar’ who all add to the total leisure concept of a visit to our site.

Free parking for over 60 vehicles** along with excellent disabled access*, superb road links, and 7 day trading hopefully assures a pleasant and exciting visit to our premises.

Thank you to all our customers over the past 22 years who have enabled us to progress with our vision of  “pet retailing”!

A new addition in 2005 was our first floor aquarium showroom consisting of a further 1500 sq ft dedicated to the display of aquariums and aquarium furniture!

Onwards and upwards, and in 2010 our aquatic section underwent a complete rebuild which was opened to the public in February 2011.

In 2013 The Coral Cave Aquatic Centre was voted Eastern retailer of the year and runner up National retailer of the year!

*Please note our aquarium showroom, Cambridge Reptiles and Short Circuits Gym are situated on the 1st floor and are only accessible via a stairway.

** Free parking only available whilst shopping within our store.